Heads I win, Tail you lose

J.P. Morgan Sr, once told a jeweller of his acquaintance that he was interested in buying a pearl scarf pin.

Just a few weeks later, the jeweller happened upon a magnificent pearl. He had it mounted on an appropriate setting and had it sent to Morgan, together with a bill of $5000.

The following day the package was returned, Morgan’s accpmpanying note read, “I like the pin, but I don’t like the price, If you will accept the enclosed cheque for $4000, please send the box with seal unbroken”.

The enraged jeweller refused the cheque, and dismissed the messenger in disgust. He opened up the box to reclaim the unwanted pin, only to find that, it had been removed, in it’s place was a cheque for $5000.



Give people options that come out in your favour, whichever one they choose.

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