The Father

It was a day of rest

Unhappy! That he felt something missing

And he asked himself, why?

And thus a man was born,

Which he created in his own image, Happy! He was


“I want you to grow”, said he,

Go! It’s all yours

Every blade of grass, trees, birds and animals too

Great men lived, adam and eve, cain and abel

So did sin thrive and overpowered

Unhappy, he was,

He asked why?


Obedient Noah, he loved so much

That he saved him along with few in ark,

And flood swept away rest,

Though he destroyed, the sight pained his heart

He wept and asked why?


Oath did he take not to destroy again

But sin had reached its heights

Wrath of god was to be upon Sodom

Pleaded Abraham, will you god destroy?

Even If; ten good men around.

No I will not! Even, if I find ten.

But Sodom was never to be the same again.

Painful it was, he loved his people the more

And never knew why?


GJ for alightheart